Traveling Far, Far, Far, Away


Ever want to just get as far away as you possible can (without going to the moon or space)? There is a website called which does exactly just that, help you find the farthest city on earth from anywhere else. Here are a few samples below.

What is the farthest you’ve traveled from where you are? What is the farthest you’d like to travel?

From Chicago, IL – Perth, Australia

chicago-united-states-america-city perth-australia-city

From Los Angeles, CA – Saint-Paul (La Reunion), France

LosAngeles_marquee download

From Ottawa, Canada – Perth, Australia

parliament perth-australia-city

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Uruma, Japan

rio-de-janeiro-brazil-city firepit-bungalow

From London, United Kingdom – Dunedin, New Zealand

london-england-city dunedin-new-zealand-city

From Manila, Philippines – Varzea Grande, Brazil

download (1) 27898640

From Sydney, Australia – San Cristobal De La Laguna, Spain

sydney-australia-city images

From Rome, Italy – Lower Hutt, New Zealand

rome-italy-city download (2)

From New Delhi, India – Talcahuano, Chile

new delhi download (4)

From Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Honolulu, Hawaii

bulawayeo honolulu