Tuesday Treasures: New Beauty Buys

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Here are some new beauty buys I’ve been loving lately / can’t wait to try out. Do you or have you used any of them before? What are some of your recent favorite finds?

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Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner – Admittedly, I used this in high school before switching to the Clinique 3-step system. After moving on from that system, I stopped using toner all together. Lately though, my skin has been feeling so blah and I came across this at Whole Foods and decided to give it another go. A week in and I’m seeing some improvement so I’ll continue using it. It feels quite refreshing.

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SuperNail Cuticle Oil – I’m not the best at caring for my nails. I would love to have pretty painted nails all the time, but I’ve never been in the habit to maintain them (save for the occasional trimming and nail salon visit). Particularly my cuticles. I found this on Amazon and it had superb reviews. I didn’t purchase it until I walked into a Sally Beauty Supply. It’s a large bottle and was relatively cheap so I’m looking forward to using it on a daily basis.

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Super Pointy Cotton Swabs – These are perfect for those hard to reach places or to clean up excess nail polish.

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Dry Skin Brush – For years now, I’ve read about the numerous benefits dry skin brushing has to offer, but have been admittedly too lazy to try it out. Well, here’s my brush. I’m halfway there.

Tuesday Treasures | Best Beauty Buys #1

As I’ve mentioned before, while I like trying new things, I also have my favorite beauty products that I repeatedly stock up on. Here are a few of them.

1. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Liquid Soap

I have been using this liquid soap for years now. It has been one of my go-to favorites. While it has a multitude of uses, I primarily use it for hand soap and occasionally as a body wash (but, you could use it to clean everything). It is very potent, so I usually do a 50/50 mixture with water. It comes in a variety of scents, but I tend to sway towards the peppermint.


2. Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

I’m not really sure how I got hooked on this toothpaste, but it is my favorite. The flavors are great and it does not “sting” my small and sensitive teeth like some toothpastes do. {Although, I’ve read so much about oil-pulling and am curious to try it.}

toms of maine

3. Dove Body Wash

While I may veer off-course sometimes and try something new, this has been my favorite body wash of all-time. I always feel really clean after a good scrub-down with this (as one should, so I’m not sure why I wrote that).