Weekly Weblove | 8 Things to Read Right Now


Happy hump day, everyone! How is your week going so far? Looking forward to getting over this hump and moving closer to the weekend:) Here are some interesting links if you want to jump into the rabbit hole. Enjoy!

1. An oldie, but a goodie

2. How to break the internet and get on Ellen’s show

3. Age is just a number

4. I love her prints so much

5. Here’s a DIY I’d love to try

6. Pop Culture icon Peter Max on creativity and loving the process

7. If Disney princesses were historically accurate

8. Looking forward to watching this new movie

Weekly Weblove | 8 Things to Read Right Now


Happy hump day, friends! Hope your week is going smoothly! Here are some fun links if you care to go down the internet rabbit hole. Enjoy!

1. I’d like to try this winged smoky eye tutorial by Corallista

2. This looks like a delicious recipe to try.

3. If you’re looking for interior inspiration and want to try out Pantone’s Color of the Year

4. No, really, these 2 women built a $100MM business they started in 2011.

5. One list you do not want to be at the top of.

6. And one you do.

7. This dress is so fun and flirty.

8. This is an interesting take on a movie.

Weekly Weblove | 8 Things to Read Right Now


Happy hump day! Hope you’re having an awesome week so far! Here are some fun things I found around the web if you feel like jumping into the rabbit hole. Enjoy!

1. One of the BEST “makeup tutorials” I’ve ever seen {by Anna Akana via larueblog.com}:

2. I love to see places from a native’s perspective and this peek of Greece from Effie of A Piece of Bliss is so charming.

3. Grammar advice {advise? ha!} is always useful — how many of these 39 incorrectly used words do you misuse?

4. Such great career tips from such smart women.

5. These party hats are one DIY I can get on board with.

6. This made me smile.

7. Are you a sheep? Find out your Chinese zodiac sign here.

8. This sweater looks so cozy.

Weekly Weblove | 8 Things to Read Right Now


Happy hump day, Everyone! Here are some great reads from around the web if you care to jump in the rabbit hole. Enjoy!

1. Can you get behind a 3 day work week like Carlos Slim is proposing?

2. What do you think about these 16 foods banned in some countries, but not in America?

3. The 20 secrets to success…how many do you practice?

4. Would you go to this new sex park in Taiwan?

5. Everything you want to know about your horoscope for 2015.

6. Check out Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies in 2015” list.

7. I love the clean and simple lines of this unadorned, yet stylish trench coat.

8. While I always enjoy the monthly income report, I think Pinch of Yum really hit the ball out of the park with December’s…such a great read! Yay, Internet!

Weekly Weblove: 8 Things to Read Right Now


Happy hump day, everyone! Here are some interesting things from around the web to get you through the rest of the week. Enjoy!

1. From 40 days of dating to book and movie rights!

2. The smart way to hustle for your dream job while working your day job.

3. Does this still make you crave Doritos?

4. Lip smackers may be gone…say whaaaaa?!?

5. Better read this so you can find out why you’re always late and what to do about it.

6. Are you a sitting or standing desk person?

7. 5 minute hairstyles to simplify your life.

8. This sweater dress looks so comfy and chic.