Tuesday Treasures: Heart of Gold {Necklaces}


{Yellow gold heart locket}

My taste in jewelry is quite broad and can range from the teeniest simple gold post earrings to the absurdly large statement necklaces/earrings/bracelets/cocktail rings. I am a walking contradiction of sorts when it comes to my life and my style. Some days, I will keep things simple with maybe just earrings and my wedding jewelry (an engagement ring and wedding band) and some days I will break out the cocktail rings and layered statement pieces.

My wedding jewelry is a contradiction in itself. My husband picked out a diamond engagement ring for me so I decided to go minimalist with my wedding ring and chose a simple yellow gold band (I tried to go as small as possible, but the jeweler insisted I not go any smaller than his recommendation). My rings are classic pieces, so I can pair them with anything. Today, I wanted to showcase heart necklaces because this is one of those pieces that I like to wear by itself or layered. Here are some of my favorites pieces.


{Heart initial pendant with diamonds}


{Mini double heart necklace}


{Minimalist heart initial pendant}


{Mother of Pearl heart necklace}


{Heart and key necklace}


{Open heart necklace}


{Abstract hearts necklace}

Do you wear jewelry? Do you have a particular jewelry style? What are your favorite pieces to wear?

8 Easter Gift Ideas to DIY or BIY


Every holiday has its themes and colors and Easter brings to mind pastels and bunnies and baskets. I have been thinking about what to get for my loved ones for this upcoming holiday (yes, still thinking about it even though it is only 5 days away) and have been browsing the world wide web for some inspiration. While there are the usual go-to gifts, such as candies and flowers, I was searching for things that were not candy related or too obvious. Here are a few of my favorite ideas. Do you celebrate Easter? What are some of your favorite gifts to give or get?


These painted branches look like a fun project to recreate. You can hang them on a wall and perhaps add some nails to them so you can use them as jewelry holders to hang pretty necklaces and other trinkets.


How adorable are these bunny DIY crayons? They would be so fun to gift and would look pretty in a bowl as decor.


These hot air balloon animals in a bag are so cute. I would add confetti inside the balloons as an extra surprise.


I have never attempted to make bath bombs at home, but these DIY egg-shaped ones are tempting me to try them out.


These popsicle sidewalk chalks look good enough to eat!


I’ve been seeing these dipped painted wooden spoons around the blogosphere and would love to try to make them myself.


I cannot have enough bowls around the house as they are so useful, not just in the kitchen, but in every room in my home. I may have to take a trip to the thrift store to see if there are any wooden bowls so I can try to recreate these.


My fascination with miniature things runs deep and I just about gasped when I saw these mini pastel locks.

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Tuesday Treasures: A New (and Cheap!) Liquid Eyeliner Discovery


My friend and I were at a makeup store (that shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) over the weekend and noticed the cashier’s eye makeup. I loved the way she did it and asked her what type of eyeliner she used. She told me it was “Black Radiance,” a brand I’d never heard of before. She also said she got it from CVS (obvi, not the store we were in). My friend and I were both very enthralled at the perfection of her application. She went on to tell us that it took lots of practice, but she can now do a cat eye in 2 seconds.

She also stated that in regards to mascara and eyeliner, she didn’t feel the difference between expensive and inexpensive brands and it was all about the application. I have to admit, I did try a cheaper eyeliner once (I will not call out the brand, but it cost me $1 or $2). I wasn’t totally impressed, but for the money, I felt it was worth it. I’ve never purchased it again. However, I am going to check out this Black Radiance liquid liner. I could do a whole lotta practicing for the price ($2.99!).

Do you have a preference as far as buying designer or drugstore makeup? Have you noticed differences amongst products?

Tuesday Treasures: The Perfect Stud Finder

photo (20)

{This little treasure is the best stud finder ever}

I wanted my handy hubby to put up some shelves for me, but every time I asked him to, he seemed to “misplace” his level somewhere. I decided to take action and looked on Amazon and came across this little gem with 4.5 star reviews from over 3,000 people! It was a magnetic stud finder and a level! Well, I couldn’t resist. When it came in, I was a little shocked to see that it was so tiny. I don’t know why, I guess I was expecting something much larger.

The next time I asked J to put up the shelves, I presented him with my itty bitty treasure. He was very impressed and actually put up all (well, almost all) of the shelving I’d asked him to do. I don’t know which I love more, the shelves or the stud finder! Are you handy? Do you have any tiny treasures that are a huge help? Please share. I’d love to hear!

Tuesday Treasures: Best Beauty Buys #2


I’m back with another installment of my favorite beauty buys! These are items I’ve purchased time and again because they have proven their staying power with me. It’s not to say I have never tried new products since or will never try new products again, but I’ve come back to these time and again and with good reason. How about you? What are some of your favorite tried-and-true beauty products?

300 (1)

Psssst Instant Dry Shampoo – Years ago, I saw a bottle of this sticking out of my sister’s BFF’s bag and she has the BEST. HAIR. EVER. Of course, I couldn’t resist trying it out for myself and I’m so glad I did! I don’t like to wash my hair every day, but it tends to get oily and I definitely need some help keeping it looking fresh. This does the job.


Dove Body Wash with Pump – I’ve already included this in my first list, but I had to add it to this because now it comes in a pump! I’ve never been so excited to see a product in my life (ok–maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit), but how cool is that? I’d often wondered when they would get around to it. And now it’s finally here!


Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 – So I took a trip to Sin City with my friend and she pulled this out while we were getting ready one morning. She is an expert makeup artist and I am always fascinated by how well she does her eye makeup. After a swipe here and there, VOILÁ!, she was done. She swore with her heart that this eye makeup palette was the One and Only I would ever need in my life. I have been loving it since I got my own case.


Benefit Brow Zings – Having nice eyebrows can make a world of difference in your appearance. I have a usual lady that I go to for threading, but when I can’t make it to her, I (hesitantly) will try someone new. Sometimes I get lucky, but most times not and I end up having to “grow out” my eyebrow hairs until I can get to my lady to fix it (she is kind of out of the way). In between those times and for everyday, I love using this to fill in any loose spots. (I should mention I have a teeny-tiny bald spot on my eyebrows due to a miscalculated jump on my parents’ bed. Ooops. I was a wild child.)


Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit – I’ve been using this For. Like. Ever and I always go back to it. It does the job well and is pretty light enough that I don’t feel like I have cakey layers on.

Tuesday Treasures | 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Give and to Get


{Balloon window at Bloomies}

Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s day or not, I’m sure we can all agree that being on the receiving or giving end of special tokens is always a good idea, yes? I’ve rounded up some special pieces below in case you feel like being generous (to someone special or yourself — everyone can always use a bit of lovin’). Hope you enjoy and let me know what’s the best/most unique/ordinary/sweetest gift you’ve ever received or given. I’d love to know!


I love receiving handwritten mail. It’s such a nice break from the day-to-day business of regular mail (bills/renewals/junk). You could make your own, or check out Garance Dore’s collection. She makes beautiful and stylish stationary.


I always say you can never have too many scarves. They are so versatile and useful. Isn’t this heart print one from Leif Shop just adorable? Such a great color and it’s not too saccharine sweet (if you know what I mean).


Who doesn’t love a vinyl record? Especially when it’s a 7-inch red heart-shaped one, which can be found at Poketo. Alas, this sweetly packaged record is not all roses, it’s actually about a heartbreak (A side) and the regret of it (B side), by Mayer Hawthorne. Well, at least it looks pretty.


Chocolates are a given. Compartes chocolates? Absolute heaven in your mouth. Feel free to judge this “book” by it’s cover. The packaging is not only pretty, but the taste is delicious.


Candles may seem clichè, but I was given a Voluspa candle as a souvenir once and I’ve been hooked ever since. These candles are made from coconut wax and the smell is out of this world.


I don’t need another bag said no woman EVER. How adorable is this heart clutch by Christian Louboutin?


How fun and flirty is this tumbler from ban.do? So fun, it’ll probably have you drinking the recommended daily ounces of water!


This is the sweetest tiny heart ring you will come across. Catbird NYC always makes such great accessories for the minimalist at heart.


What a sweet print (by Jen Ramos of Made By Girl) to add to an art collection.


Flowers never go out of style. How about going for a different color, like pink or yellow or vintage lilac roses?