Frugal Fridays – One Inexpensive Item With Many Different Uses


Money — the subject matter that seems to be taboo most everywhere. I have lots of thoughts on money from saving to investing to debt to spending and so on. I think it’s a discussion that, much like depression and mental illness, should be ongoing and not shameful no matter what your situation is. While I’d like to touch on this subject further at a later time, I will say this for now, I’ve experienced economic lows and highs throughout my life and coming from an immigrant family, the value of a dollar is not lost on me. While I love to buy things, I also know the importance of saving — the recent recession has been a huge learning experience particularly.

On that note, how I spend my money and what I choose to spend it on can be as complicated as it is simple. There are times where I will spend time researching and times where I can be impulsive (hello Cake Batter Chapstick at the checkout counter that I had no intention on buying while I was at the store, but somehow found a need for despite the 100 tubes of lip balm I already have at home). Throughout the years, I’ve found items that have been real money-savers and I thought I would share one or a few now and then.


Vinegar. This may not be new information to anyone, but you’d be surprised how often I sing the praises of vinegar and it’s multiple uses and people are like “Oh, I only use it for cooking. I had no idea.” So yes, besides using it in cooking, I use it to clean many different things and soften my laundry. I buy it in large jugs and a couple at a time because I use it so often. It is so economical and such a money-saver. You’re welcome. How about you? Are you a vinegar lover? Do you have any economical items that you use for multiple things? I’d love to know.