Traveling Far, Far, Far, Away


Ever want to just get as far away as you possible can (without going to the moon or space)? There is a website called which does exactly just that, help you find the farthest city on earth from anywhere else. Here are a few samples below.

What is the farthest you’ve traveled from where you are? What is the farthest you’d like to travel?

From Chicago, IL – Perth, Australia

chicago-united-states-america-city perth-australia-city

From Los Angeles, CA – Saint-Paul (La Reunion), France

LosAngeles_marquee download

From Ottawa, Canada – Perth, Australia

parliament perth-australia-city

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Uruma, Japan

rio-de-janeiro-brazil-city firepit-bungalow

From London, United Kingdom – Dunedin, New Zealand

london-england-city dunedin-new-zealand-city

From Manila, Philippines – Varzea Grande, Brazil

download (1) 27898640

From Sydney, Australia – San Cristobal De La Laguna, Spain

sydney-australia-city images

From Rome, Italy – Lower Hutt, New Zealand

rome-italy-city download (2)

From New Delhi, India – Talcahuano, Chile

new delhi download (4)

From Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Honolulu, Hawaii

bulawayeo honolulu

18 thoughts on “Traveling Far, Far, Far, Away

  1. The longest trip I have,I left Los Angeles January 12 2014 to manila,vienna,slovania,croatia,Montenegro , Serbia , Bosnia ,Albania ,Macedonia ,Kosovo,Georgia, Armenia ,Athens,tessolonika,patra,stanbul,Capadoccia ,Sicily ,Naples ,Ancona , San Marino ,Verona,Milan ,Tuscany Innsbruck , Bern,Zurich ,Geneva ,Lyon ,Nice ,Monaco ,Barcelona ,Palma de Mallorca,Madrid ,Valencia, Toledo, Sevilla,Cadiz ,Salamanca ,Porto ,Fatima ,Zaragoza ,Andorra ,,st jean pied de port,walking the whole northern spain 764km walk the camino de santiago then back to manila and April 6 2015 back to Los Angeles and that is my longest trip I have

  2. That’s a great idea, I like it. (Not sure France is as far as you can get from LA, but nevermind the details.) Now if only they could link that information with cheap plane tickets…

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