Why I Am Never Eating Chik Fil A Ever Again


It started out innocently enough. It was a Thursday night and we hadn’t planned on anything for dinner. I volunteered to pick something up. Biggest mistake ever. HUGE! I live in the middle of every conceivable restaurant / grocery store you can imagine and of all the places, I chose Chik Fil A.

I know I’ve discussed many times my road to health and wellness and how important it is for me to eat well, yada, yada, yada. Forgive me, I’m human and I’ve erred. Again. This time it cost me big time. I placed my order at the counter: 2 chicken sandwiches and 1 fry (Ugh! I know. I know!). I head home and dear hubby was as surprised as can be. We both unwrapped our sandwiches, shared the fries (dipped in their sauce, of course) and watched a movie.

Then came Friday. I work from home on Fridays, so I woke up as usual (still haven’t put my morning routine into practice yet) and was getting ready for the day, when the most awful pain hit me in the stomach. Let’s skip over a few sentences that don’t need t to be written and now I’m at my desk. I get a text from a work friend about some big company news. I open my work laptop and check my emails. I start emailing and pinging people. Meanwhile, I’m still plagued with the worst stomach pains ever and I’m shivering despite the temperature being 70+ F in my home. This news is HUGE.

Lots of meetings ensued that day, I took off a little earlier than usual and was bedridden for the next 3 days. At first, I thought I had caught something, but it dawned on me that it was food poisoning because I had not eaten a thing on Friday, but my stomach pains (amongst other symptoms) would not let up. My husband confirmed the same. I’ve never experienced this before, so it was not something I was prepared for. Hence my lack of postings and responses on the blog. I’m not kidding when I tell you I was left immobile for 2 and a half days.

Of course, Monday came and I’m still not feeling 100% plus I’m still digesting the company news. (Oh, the irony in all of this.) I haven’t decided if I should go to Chik Fil A and tell them my story. I didn’t keep any evidence and I didn’t go to the doctor (save for Dr. Google). We’ll see. As for my company news, I think over time it will prove to be a serendipitous event. There is always a silver lining to everything. I’ve missed writing and reading and communicating with my blogging buddies so I’m so glad I’m able to do so again.

Have I finally learned my lesson to stick to eating whole and fresh foods? I sure hope so.

Have you ever had food poisoning? How did you handle it?

P.S. The clip above is from Bridesmaids and if you haven’t seen it, then you need to check it out asap because it is seriously funny!

8 thoughts on “Why I Am Never Eating Chik Fil A Ever Again

  1. I’ve had the same experience but with McDonald’s. Yuck. It could be possible that your body was rejecting junk food because you’re not used to it? Either way, the healthy route is always best.

  2. Chik Fil A. What a horrible name of a restaurant! Haha!
    You shouldn’t have been there before. Get well soon. 😀

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