22 Inspiration Ideas for Floral Home Decor

powder room final

{I adore the big bold floral wallpaper in Emily’s powder room makeover}

I love flowers, especially fresh ones, but have always been torn between keeping them in their place on earth to continue to grow and flourish until their time has come; or, to use them as décor, where they will inevitably (and shortly) live for the few days that time will allow.

As much as I love having fresh flowers around, there are other less high-maintenance ways to decorate that have a much longer shelf life (save for some cleanings / dustings here and there). You can add florals to your home with pillows, wallpaper, rugs, bedding, window treatments, accessories, lighting and just about any other creative way you can think of. Here are a few of my favorite ways to bring some blooms into your home. While some of these ideas are not necessarily my taste, they provide me with much inspiration to create my own space and style.

Do you like to decorate with florals? What are some creative ways you’ve found to use florals in your home décor?

{Floral wallpaper in the hallway / mudroom}

{Bright floral rug in the entryway}

{Floral rug in the living room}

{Floral pillows in the living room}

{Floral backsplash in the kitchen}

{Floral wallpaper and rug in the kitchen (I would probably not do this in my home, but I’m still drawn to it nonetheless)}

{Oh Joy’s “Petal Pushers” wallpaper in the dining room}

{Floral ceiling artwork in the dining room}

{Floral decor throughout in this dining / living room combo}

{Floral window shade in home office}

{Abstract floral wallpaper in the study / home office}

{Big bold floral wallpaper in the craft room}

{I like the subtle floral details on the bedding}

{Floral details throughout including the curtains and ceiling light}

{Floral headboard and pillow in guest bedroom}

{Floral wallpaper for kid’s room}

{Floral rug and bedding in kid’s room}

{Teepee for the nursery / kid’s room}

{Floral shower curtain and towel in the bathroom}

{Bold floral wallpaper in the bathroom}

{A very regal wallpaper background in the bathroom}

*All photos from Houzz.com*

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