Designer Spotlight: Loeffler Randall


I’ve always been interested in fashion and style from a very early age. I’ve experimented a lot with my own style and I still do (and fully expect to for the rest of my life). While I love to try new things, there are certain styles and designers that I will always revert to for their sense of timelessness and ease of design. Loeffler Randall, while being a relatively newer brand (est. 2005), is one of those designers that come to mind.

I love her minimalist and straightforward designs on bags and shoes. The pieces can easily be paired with anything in your wardrobe because she sticks to neutral colors and patterns (sometimes with a hint of surprise). Here are some of my favorite pieces from the current collection.

What are some of your favorite styles? Who are some of your favorite designers? 


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* All photos from here *

10 thoughts on “Designer Spotlight: Loeffler Randall

  1. Beautiful handbag, but def not for me! I love the sandals that are in the second row and on the right! I have been looking for sandals like these because they look so feminine, but also very punky/bad girl look XD

    1. Yeah, I have a thing for gladiator sandals (and obvi leopard prints…lol). I was lucky enough to score some similar Sam Edelman’s on sale last fall, so I will be wearing them this spring/summer. I also love the juxtaposition of feminine and punk rock 🙂

      1. You should post the gladiator sandals! I would love to see how they look. I really need to pick some up for summer, but I still have time ♥ For me leopard prints are just not my thing :(! I can’t pull it off haha, but it’s def a good looking bag.

      2. Ok. I’ll do a post soon. I have to pull out my summer/spring things seasonal items (something Californians never have to worry It still feels like winter here (except for the one day we had 70 degree weather), so I haven’t been motivated to get my warm-weather gear out.

      3. Haha, for me I live in Cali, but I live in the capital city of California which is Sacramento and we have super cold Winters (not this past one though) and really hot Summers (always haha). So I do have to switch out my wardrobe for each Winter & Summer :(!

      4. Yea I used to live in SF, it’s super cold there, but I love the summers. I only had to have Winter clothes when I lived there LOL, I was always cold.

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