One Romper to Wear to Ten Outings


Rompers, like dresses, have a certain easiness to them in that they are a complete outfit. As much as I like to play dress up, there are days where I prefer to keep things simple. I like this particular romper because it’s chambray and I’ve had a long-standing committed relationship with chambray (one I suspect is for life), it’s casual, but can be dressed up and it has great details, like the drawstrings in the front and back. When choosing a pricier item, I always think about the uses and years I will have a particular item. Here are 10 different occasions I would wear this to.

  1. An afternoon picnic date
  2. Brunch with girlfriends
  3. Weekend errands-running
  4. A day at the farmers’ market
  5. A BBQ gathering
  6. A casual birthday party
  7. A music festival
  8. On a bike ride
  9. A movie outing
  10. Stepping out for ice cream

Do you like rompers? Do you wear them for only specific events or places?




{Madewell romper found here}

5 thoughts on “One Romper to Wear to Ten Outings

  1. Great suggestions on where to wear a romper! I like the look of rompers but personally, wearing them on myself, they can be super short for me (I don’t really like because I’m tall). It creeps up around my butt area lol. But if I had to wear them, I’d wear them to all the places you’ve listed above! Great post, the romper you posted looks really pretty, love the patterns! xx

    1. You’re so right, the fit definitely has to be there. Wow! How tall are you (if you don’t mind me asking)? I am average height (5’5″ or 5’6″ on a good day:) and am always fascinated with people who are really petite or really tall. LOL.

      1. I’m actually not that tall, I’m 5’7″. I just feel rompers sometimes creep up me butt lol. But I am tall for Filipino Asian! 🙂

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