Five Favorite Kitchen Items


When I got married, I did not have a “traditional” wedding shower. J and I lived together prior to our wedding, so we had already accumulated the usual wedding registry items. Throughout the years, I’ve bought some kitchen/home goods items that I found to be extremely useful and very good investments (and others not so much). Here are some of my favorite items.


All-Clad Stainless Steel Pots and Pans – Though my husband would beg to differ, I’ve found that stainless steel pots and pans are the way to go for cooking anything. They are easy to clean and maintain. They were recommended to me by a cooking teacher and I absolutely love them.


Wedgwood White Bone China – I adore my white china. I love the clean and simple design and the shade of white is absolutely gorgeous. Although these are a bit more expensive than other white china, they have proven to be a very good investment. Instead of using them only on “special” occasions, I use them every day. I did not get the bowls because I think it’s fun to mix them up with other dishware that have color or pattern.


KitchenAid Mixer – I have a purple one and I think it is one of the best inventions ever. While I have not used it outside of baking, I know that it can be used for many other things. Bonus, it’s pretty enough to leave on the counter as décor!


Mixing Bowls – I think it’s important to have multiple bowls for every occasion. Bowls are so useful for everything, whether you are cooking or baking; or you just need them for eating or holding fruits/vegetables and most anything and everything you can think of.


Global Knives – I think this is one of the best knives I have ever used. I purchased a chef’s knife many years ago and it still looks brand new. It has maintained it’s durability and has proven it’s effectiveness time and time again (with a sharpening here and there).

Do you have any favorite items for your kitchen or home that you’ve found to be great investments and use all the time?

4 thoughts on “Five Favorite Kitchen Items

      1. Yes, it is. The Metropolis is gorgeous! I love Wedgwood. The quality is amazing! Like I said, I use mine every day (and may have dropped a few), but have not broken anything yet *keeping fingers crossed*.

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