Lourdes Loves Lately

photo 1

{I swear my dog is super happy – he was just being stubborn during this photo op}

Happy Friday! How’s your week going? We have been having some really gorgeous weather and I’ve been lovin’ it! I was meant to live in the sun full-time (workin’ on it;). Have any fun plans for the weekend? This Saturday will be the end of my 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge, but the continuation of a lifelong goal towards fitness and health. I’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend and hopefully get some organizing around the home done. Here are some things I’ve been grateful for this week. Have a good one!


{Our city getting ready for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday}

photo 2

{Cute shopping bag I found at Marshall’s}

photo 3

{Halo-halo is the national dessert of the Philippines and oh-so-delicious}

photo 4

{My grocery store is feeling the green love}

One thought on “Lourdes Loves Lately

  1. He is such a beautiful lab! Haha he was probably like, “Don’t embarrass me! Do I really need to take a photo….here?” 😀

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