7 Things to do in Austin {Inspired by the Movie Chef}


I just saw Chef last night and was incredibly entertained. It’s a wonderful feel-good movie about a once highly-regarded chef who loses his fancy restaurant job and opens up a food truck. That is just the gist of it though because the movie is so much meatier than that, yet it really is a light-hearted and easy-going movie. If you haven’t see it yet, I highly suggest you do so. Be sure you do not do so on an empty stomach because you will be salivating for days. Well, you still might be salivating for days anyway.

The movie takes place in Los Angeles/Venice and Miami with a road trip in between. During their road trip, they visit New Orleans and Austin. I’ve lived in LA and have visited Miami and New Orleans several times. However, I’ve never been to Austin. I would love to travel there. Below is a sample of what my itinerary would like like. Have you ever been to Austin or do you live there? What are your must-see spots?


1. Visit Barton Springs pool. Can you believe that’s a pool?!? I would love to take a dip in that pool and hang around just reading and people watching and maybe have a picnic.


2. Do a tour of Austin on foot or maybe on bikes.


3. Catch a show at Austin City Limits Live.


4. Visit the State Capitol.

download (1)

5. Check out the HOPE Outdoor Gallery


6. Check out the boutiques and vintage shops.


7. And, obviously, I need to check out their food scene, particularly the barbeque and, more particularly Franklin Barbeque

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