The Perfect Carry-All Bag


As you know, I’ve been challenging myself to doing 30 days of Bikram Yoga. Today will be day 25!!! Knowing this challenge would be a, for lack of a better word, challenge in itself (time constraints and all), I wanted to be sure I had the right gear. I wanted a bag that I could take from work to the studio (or gym). I searched high and low and finally found one…… my own closet, which I got……….in the men’s department at Lululemon! I have to admit, I got this bag last year (for the same reasons even though I hadn’t challenged myself to do Bikram at the time), so I have an older model, but it’s the same concept. I wanted to write about it because I’ve gotten so many compliments on it and thought I would share with the www.

It really is the perfect carry-all bag/backpack. I’ve also traveled with it and it is really an excellent travel piece. There are compartments for your laptop and iPad, an iPhone pocket on the strap in the front, a place to hold your yoga mat, and lots of compartments inside to fit your entire life. It even came with a rain pouch and a shoe pouch and it has 2 interior pockets to store your shoes! Do you ever look in the boys’/men’s departments when shopping for items for yourself (assuming you’re a female)? Do you ever “shop” your closet?

LM9229S_0001_2 LM9229S_0001_3 (1) LM9229S_0001_4 LM9229S_0001_5 LM9229S_0001_6 LM9229S_0001_8

{This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. All photos form}

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