Monday Musings | Life Lessons From Two-Year Olds


{Two little monkeys jumping on a bed. One fell off and landed on the floor, but she’s still smiling.}

I have a niece and nephew who are 2 years old and were born 9 days apart (they have different baby mommas) . I call them “twin” cousins sometimes. It’s fun to watch them grow. They each have their own unique personalities, but there are so many similarities due to their age. Here are four things I’ve observed that perhaps we can all learn to live by:

1. They live in the present moment – No matter what happens to them, whether they fall or fight, they may cry or throw a tantrum, but they snap out of it (almost) immediately and get back to the present moment. They don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future (except maybe if they’ve been promised a treat and are anticipating it).

2. They practice joy all the time – Though they may not be aware of it, they live to be joyful. The other day, one of them started laughing for no reason, which caused a domino effect to have everyone laughing for no reason. I believe inherently they know it just feels good to be happy and choose to do so.

3. It’s the little things or moments that make them happy – Give them an ice cream cone or read them a book and watch them squeal with delight.

4. They easily forgive and forget – They are two, so of course they will fight or may throw tantrums. However, as easy as it may be to rile them up, they just as easily forgive and forget and begin to live in the present moment again.

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