Tuesday Treasures | 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Give and to Get


{Balloon window at Bloomies}

Whether you are a fan of Valentine’s day or not, I’m sure we can all agree that being on the receiving or giving end of special tokens is always a good idea, yes? I’ve rounded up some special pieces below in case you feel like being generous (to someone special or yourself — everyone can always use a bit of lovin’). Hope you enjoy and let me know what’s the best/most unique/ordinary/sweetest gift you’ve ever received or given. I’d love to know!


I love receiving handwritten mail. It’s such a nice break from the day-to-day business of regular mail (bills/renewals/junk). You could make your own, or check out Garance Dore’s collection. She makes beautiful and stylish stationary.


I always say you can never have too many scarves. They are so versatile and useful. Isn’t this heart print one from Leif Shop just adorable? Such a great color and it’s not too saccharine sweet (if you know what I mean).


Who doesn’t love a vinyl record? Especially when it’s a 7-inch red heart-shaped one, which can be found at Poketo. Alas, this sweetly packaged record is not all roses, it’s actually about a heartbreak (A side) and the regret of it (B side), by Mayer Hawthorne. Well, at least it looks pretty.


Chocolates are a given. Compartes chocolates? Absolute heaven in your mouth. Feel free to judge this “book” by it’s cover. The packaging is not only pretty, but the taste is delicious.


Candles may seem clichè, but I was given a Voluspa candle as a souvenir once and I’ve been hooked ever since. These candles are made from coconut wax and the smell is out of this world.


I don’t need another bag said no woman EVER. How adorable is this heart clutch by Christian Louboutin?


How fun and flirty is this tumbler from ban.do? So fun, it’ll probably have you drinking the recommended daily ounces of water!


This is the sweetest tiny heart ring you will come across. Catbird NYC always makes such great accessories for the minimalist at heart.


What a sweet print (by Jen Ramos of Made By Girl) to add to an art collection.


Flowers never go out of style. How about going for a different color, like pink or yellow or vintage lilac roses?

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