8 Awesome Alternative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


I’ve had my fair share of Valentine’s Day dates. From the sweet and simple (dinner) to the sublime (Paris). These days, my preferred way to celebrate is to not celebrate…with the masses. One year we went with my parents to a teeny, tiny family restaurant (with absolutely delicious food). No, it wasn’t romantic, but a memory I will cherish.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, the holy grail of date nights. So, prepare to fight the crowds and find yourselves in not-so-romantic situations if you plan to venture out. Or, how about instead of eating an over-priced meal and being herded in and rushed out like a pack of animals, why not do something different? And, why not do it on a different day? Here are some alternative date ideas in celebration of love.

8 Awesome Alternative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


{Noma in Copenhagen was voted the world’s #1 restaurant}

1. Book dinner at a nice restaurant on a different day. I hate being rushed during my meals, especially when I am dining at a nice restaurant. If you book at an off-hour during an off-day, you will get better service and better food.


{A couple that paints together, stays together.}

2. Find a project to work on together. Are you into art? Wood-working? You can use this time to connect and create something together.


{And…a couple that cooks together, stays together.}

3. Sign up for a cooking class for a cuisine neither of you has tried before (or, at least, has not tried cooking before). You will learn something new, prepare a meal for each other and lots of laughs are sure to ensue when venturing into new territory.


{Take a trip down memory lane.}

4. Go down memory lane. Whether you have a long history or have been together for only a short period of time, why not make a list of things you used to do and go out and do them? Maybe you had your first date at a coffee shop or you used to bowl together or just sit in the car and listen to music together. Whatever it is, bring nostalgia back. Bonus: Take lots of pictures and do it again in the future to see how you’ve changed (maybe every year or every 5 years or so).


{A romantic dinner for two at home.}

5. Make a list of your favorite foods and make a date of it. Go grocery shopping together and cook at home. Light some candles, put on some music and relish in the comfort of your home and away from the crowds. (If neither of you cooks, you can always hire someone to cook at home for you.)


{The best spas according to Conde Nast Traveller.)

6. Take a day off work during the week (if permissible) and do a spa day together. Get massages, take a dip in the spas, sit in the sauna and relax.


{Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.}

7. Venture into a new neighborhood and plan a day out of it. Check out an art gallery, visit a monument, walk around, go to a local coffee shop, eat at some small business restaurants and see a show or musician. And, take lots of pictures.


{River North neighborhood of Chicago.}

8. Or, why not tour your own neighborhood? Make a list of things you have not seen, heard or done and go see, hear and do them! You’ll be surprised at the gems you’ll find hiding in your own backyard!

Bonus: If you want to keep it really simple, why not stay home, order pizza and watch a movie? And, write love letters to each other. On paper. With a pen!

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