15 Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Living Room Makeover

Well, you didn’t expect me to re-decorate my bedroom, bathroom, home office and kitchen and dining area without including my living room, did you? After all, it’s probably where we spend most of our time. So, here are some ideas I’ve pinned so I can have some visuals to inspire me.

1. This. This photo inspires not just my living space, but my entire life. The artist behind that beautiful painting is Michelle Armas, someone whose work I have admired for a long while now. This visual reference is EVERYTHING.


2. These bookshelves tho. I love books and I love bookshelves. While my ceilings are not quite as high, I love how this encompasses the entire wall with just enough room for the window.


3. More bookshelf porn. Still not quite my reality, but I do have the “bookshelves behind the sofa” thing going on.


3. This is inspiration for a blank wall space I’d like to fill.


4. Yes, even more bookshelves! Well, it’s because I have an entertainment center similar to this set-up, but the space is not quite as exciting as this one.


5. Besides bookshelves, I also have a thing for gallery walls. Who doesn’t? Have you checked out Pinterest? Confession: I have some photos and artwork that need to meet my blank frames so they can come together and get married already!


6. This striped rug! Am I the last person on earth without a striped rug?!?


7. That background. Wow.


8. I’m on the fence with sectionals. I like the one below because of its clean lines (and, obvi, the color is gorgeous), but I may have to stick with the traditional sofa and extra chairs. If I change my mind, I would look into getting something similar to this.


9. I love these framed note cards of Joy Cho’s (of Oh Joy!) family done by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. Probably because I love everything Oh Joy and Rifle Paper Co. do. This is something to consider for my own family.


10. I love the explosion of colors on this Colin Pennock oil on linen, Just As We Imagined It.


11. Currently, we have blinds to cover our floor-to-ceiling windows. I want to get curtains to soften it out. With all the colors I’d be bringing in from artwork and decor, I thought something as simple and subtle as white curtains would help balance everything out.


12. I need that chair in my life! I would love to find a vintage chair and redo it like this.


13. These mismatched colorful pillows are beautiful. I think this would be an easy update and something to DIY.


14. I need to find a way to cure my black thumb so I can get and keep plants. I love Bri Emery’s living room makeover done by Emily Henderson. That white plant pot with the face is a must!


15. This is not necessarily my style, but I love this space because of the colors, textures and vignettes.

purple couch

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