Monday Musings: A Super Bowl of Ramblings


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So, who didn’t watch the Super Bowl last night? I admit, I caught the half-time show (loved seeing Missy!!) and planned on other things afterwards, but ended up watching the rest of the game. It was INTENSE to say the least. So much heartbreak, joy and despair…all at once.

I was lamenting about how sad it must feel to do all that work, get to the game and lose. Like, what’s the point? But then I am reminded about how it’s not the end that matters, but the journey. Of course it’s disappointing to lose. Of course it’s heart-breaking to put your heart and soul into something and not make it all the way. But, didn’t they make it all the way? How many of us can say we’ve been/are going to play in the Super Bowl? For sure, not I.


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Someone once told me “Do everything with love and let go of the results.”  It was difficult to reconcile this at first because we are such a results-driven society and what’s the point of doing anything if we don’t measure it? But, then I had an AHA! moment and I got it. And I told myself I was going to live my life this way. I’ve failed at this many times, but I will not give up trying.

All of these players yesterday, they played with their heart and with a lot of love (as evidenced by the emotional turmoil on the field). They got to the Super Bowl because of this. There were no losers yesterday. They were all winners in my book. And, even if Tom had not won his 4th Super Bowl and 3rd MVP title, he would have walked away a winner. Let’s do the math, super model wife + 3 adorable kids + doing work that he loves = Win! Win! Win!

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