40 Wardrobe Essentials for Everyday Style for Every Season

I’ve experimented a lot with my style throughout the years. From my Madonna phase to hip-hopper to new-waver to sexy raver (huh?) phases. Along with growing up, I’ve also had to adjust to my (ahem) growing size. I first became interested in fashion when I was in elementary school. Sure, I read Bop and other tween magazines (for boyband gossip and posters), but I was also interested in Vogue and other fashion magazines from an early age. I even did a short stint in fashion school.

One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that fashion is fickle and one trend does not fit all. Instead, it’s best to experiment and figure out the colors and cuts that work best on you. I still like to experiment, but I know what works best on me (most of the time) and what I like to wear.

That said, there are certain essentials that I believe everyone should have in their wardrobe. These are pieces that you can mix and match and should be the best quality pieces you can afford. These are pieces to start building a wardrobe from and adding along some seasonal or trendier items. And, remember, while you can always add accessories to make it more you, the best accessory is confidence.

Tops: Like most of the clothes here, these pieces are mostly black, white and gray. With good reason, they are basic neutrals that look good on everyone and can be easily mixed and matched. You can add flair and inject your personality with accessories; like flower pins, brooches, jewelry and scarves. Also, I like to buy some trendier or vintage tops to freshen up the basics. And, layering is your friend. These pieces can all be layered to create different looks.

White silk camisole


White v-neck t-shirt


Black and white striped shirt


Black jersey long sleeve top


White button-down shirt


Chambray shirt


Nude silk blouse


Black silk blouse


Polka dotted chiffon blouse


Gray cashmere sweater


Black cashmere cardigan


Black (or navy) blazer


Skirts: I think these pieces are a pretty good mix that you can easily dress up or down. You can take the skirts into different seasons by going bare-legged or wearing tights (or hose…like Kate Middleton does). I think different skirt lengths can work on all ages, it just depends on the style. Add a belt or scarf to change things up.

Pleated crepe mini skirt


Leather (or vegan) pleated skirt


Pencil skirt


Midi lace skirt


Printed maxi skirt

219718 (1)

Dresses: I really love dresses. One piece. Easy breezy. I feel this collection can really get you through different seasons as well as multiple events from a picnic in the park to a night on the town to a black tie wedding. You can take them from day to evening. You can add accessories like belts, brooches and scarves to change up the styles.

White/cream loose fitting dress


Denim jumper dress


Slip dress


Sweet cotton shirt dress


Little black dress


Animal print wrap dress


Ladylike midi print dress


White maxi dress


Black long silk gown


Floral maxi dress


Bottoms: Repeat after me: “If I find a good pair of black pants or jeans that make me look like a rock star, I will buy them in multiples.” Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I think this is a pretty good collection of bottoms that will take you from the beach to the board room and beyond. With jeans, I’ve found that it’s best to avoid trends and find a cut that works best on you. Of course, I had to add the jumpsuit because, how could I not?

Denim cut-off shorts


Cropped cigarette pants


Leather (or vegan) leggings/pants


Gray skinny jeans


Blue denim pants


Black wide leg linen pants


Black straight leg pants




Outerwear: I have a serious addiction to bags, shoes and outerwear, so it was really difficult for me to whittle down this list (#firstworldproblems), but I tried my best. You can usually find a variety of styles (and prices) with these items, so if you find it hard to choose, first go with fit and then style. You know, if it don’t look good, you fo’ sho ain’t gonna feel good (my 3rd grade English teacher is cringing right now). In any case, I’m confident that everyone should be able to find something that will look fabulous on them.

Black leather (or vegan) moto jacket


Army green parka


Trench coat


Black wrap coat


Down coat


Bonus: Caftans

I absolutely love caftans for their versatility – wear to the beach, lounging around, running errands, backyard BBQs or any other occasions you can think of (depending on the print). Love, love, love them!


Disclaimer: We all live in different climates, so some of these choices may not be practical for you.

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