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Once upon a time, Christy Turlington came out with a yoga book and my friend and I decided to go to her book signing. I am a big fan of the 90’s models, especially Christy, so how could I not? She was just as graceful and beautiful as I’d imagined her to be. Unfortunately, I can not seem to find the picture I took with her, so I’ll just have to save it for a #TBT or #FBF on Instagram.

Once upon several times, I’d taken up yoga in its many forms, but never stuck with any of them. One of the fitness challenges I have for myself is to do Bikram yoga for 30 days. I should tell you that the first time I took a Bikram yoga class I had tunnel vision and nearly passed out. Here’s hoping it goes better this time around. I went in search of yoga attire to better prepare myself for this journey. Here are my favorite finds.

1. A stylish yoga mat 


2. I have a lot of love for BKR water bottles


3. Adidas by Stella McCartney always has such amazing workout style


4. This looks like a comfy sport bra


5. And, to hold it all together, this yoga mat bag looks like it will do the job.


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