15 Decor Ideas to Transform a Bathroom Into an Oasis

I envision redoing my bathroom into a spa-like oasis. I feel it would be more conducive for creating the perfect environment in which I can indulge in luxurious evening baths and have tranquil moments amidst hurried mornings. I’m not looking to do a major renovation, but I’ve been gathering some ideas and inspiration to make small changes that I think will go a long way.

1. I have some blank wall space that I would like to add towel hooks to. Currently, I have an over-the-door hanger, but I prefer the look of hooks on the walls. It just seems so much more tranquil and serene.


2. I would like to add some artwork (though not necessarily an entire gallery wall like the inspiration photo) to give the space a more personalized feeling.


3. Since I don’t have a linen closet, adding extra shelves would provide easy accessibility for those items I reach for often.


4. In lieu of adding wall shelves, I can also do a small cabinet. I like this one for its minimalist design.


5. You can never have too much storage and this is one clever way to add more, but be discreet about it.


6. This is a great way to maximize my medicine cabinet storage space, by adding a magnetic board on the back!


7. In addition to the magnetic board, I also like the idea of having a magnetic strip for those oft used odds and ends, like bobby pins and tweezers.


8. Plants are always a nice touch in any room. Though I may not be going for the jungle look below, I think adding one or two will be a nice touch.


9. Having a dedicated make-up station by adding extra shelves seems like a terrific idea.


10. I like the idea of adding a shelf above the sink. It would save some counter space.


11. A bag is a great alternative to store hair dryers, curling/flat irons and other hair goods.


12. An inexpensive way to add a major update is by changing the shower curtain. I like that this stripe one is gender-neutral and stylish.


13. Replacing the rugs is another inexpensive game-changer.


14. With all my moves, one thing that’s remained a constant is a hamper I purchased many moons ago. I think it’s time we added a second one.


15. Once I’ve made all those changes, I will just need to add a bath caddy with some candles, a book and a glass of wine and voila! Welcome to my oasis!


{All images via Apartment Therapy, Martha Stewart, Little Green Notebook and West Elm}

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