Monday Musings: Which Kind of Hustler Are You?


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I was sitting in a meeting one day discussing leadership and such and someone mentioned Seth Godin. My eyes lit up. I didn’t realize anyone in the room read Seth (not sure why I would think that considering what Seth stands for). He said how sometimes he feels that Seth really speaks to him and whatever he is dealing with that particular day after reading one of his posts. I thought, “Me, too!”

I had one of those moments recently after reading Seth’s most recent post, Two Kinds of Hustle. Here’s an excerpt:

“Then there’s the hustle that’s actually quite difficult and effective. This is the hustle of being more generous than you need to be, of speaking truthfully even if it delays the ultimate goal in the short run, and most of all, the hustle of being prepared and of doing the work.”

My dad used to work two extra weeknight shifts and Saturdays (beyond his regular 9-5 job) to provide for our family. My mom would take evening classes after work to further her skills for a better job and pay. They were both well-educated, but came to a new country with very little in their pockets; yet, very large dreams for a better life for me and my sisters. This is probably not unusual for many people, but it really instilled a very strong work ethic in me.

Though my parents valued education first and foremost, I’ve had jobs since a very early age, from babysitting to retail to various odds and ends (the $1.00 a week allowance from my parents just wasn’t cutting it). I guess, in a sense, I’ve always considered myself to be a hustler. Even now, I know I can scale back and lead a comfortable life, but I’m hungry for more (and not necessarily materialistic things). Often, I’m faced with the dilemma that Seth posits in that post and I have to say, I’d rather choose the latter, though he states it’s the kind of hustle that’s largely unused. How do you hustle?

And, just for fun:

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