Olive Fashion for Spring 2015

Ha! Get it?!? I can be so lame most sometimes. If you take a look around, it’s pretty evident that olive is a big trend for spring. As I get older, I find that I’m not so much into trends (though I’m not opposed to wearing them if I feel they suit my style), but I’ve always liked the color olive. However, I’ve always thought of it as a fall color or something reserved for safaris. I suppose because it’s not very pastel-like or bright or anything that you may think are “spring” colors. These are my favorites from the Spring 2015 runways.

1. A. F. Vandevorst


2. Angelos Bratis

angelo bratis

3. Chanel


4. Angelos Bratis


5. Jason Wu


6. Jason Wu


7. Jason Wu


8. Ralph Lauren


9. Ralph Lauren


10. Ralph Lauren


11. Ralph Lauren


12. Ralph Lauren


*All photos from Style.com*

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