Tuesday Treasures | 5 Favorite New Ikea Buys

Since I live in the city and Ikea is a pretty far commute out to the suburbs, I don’t have your typical “just going to browse” moments. Instead, I usually take stock of items I may need and make a trip when I deem it “worthy” enough. In this case, I trekked out armed with my list, at the top of which was “extra shelves for bookcase.” Of course, I got everything but the number one thing I went there for. Ugh! Regardless, I’m pretty happy with my purchases.

1. Raskog utility cart in turquoise – this cart is pretty ubiquitous (google it and I’m sure you’ll find 50 ways to use it and such). I have to admit, I actually got this cart a couple of years ago and it sat in the box unopened until now. I don’t know why I waited so long! It lives in my kitchen and is very purposeful. Plus, the color really brightens up the space.


2. Stave mirror in white – this is my second one because my dog accidentally broke my first one (no worries—while my mirror was shattered, my dog went unharmed). I love it for its minimalist design. It hangs in my hallway now, out of my dog’s way.


3. Kalas bowls in assorted colors – it’s not like I needed more bowls, but then again, you can never have too many bowls (like Tupperware), right? I love the bright colors and how they are so multi-purposeful.


4. Grundtal Wall Shelf – this is awesome. Since I am trying to simplify and streamline my life, I thought it would be helpful to have my cookware (which previously lived in cabinets) out in the open. This shelf holds so much, from my cookware to pots to cookbooks.


5. Grundtal rail – this hangs next to the shelf and stores my most utilized cooking utensils. The shelf and rail really do go hand-in-hand.


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