15 Delicious Breakfast Recipes for Healthy New You

I enjoy a good breakfast and love to go for brunch. Like my other meals, I like a combination of sweet and savory. So, of course, breakfast to me should include pancakes/waffles/french toast, eggs, bacon/sausage, hash and fruit. Sure, I’ll go off the beaten path sometimes, like the one time I ordered the BEST eggs benedict EVER in my life at some little place in Ashville, NC. ZOMG! It was so delish!

And then there are Filipino breakfasts. What? You’ve never had? Sorry for you. My mom knows when I am calling her at 8:00AM on a weekend morning, it’s because I have Filipino breakfast on my mind. She is always so happy to prepare and have us come right over. On a cruise once, we had them prepare (for our very large group) a Filipino breakfast and it was the best breakfast on the cruise.

Back to breakfasts. I have food allergies and the standard American and Filipino diets are not compatible with my allergies. Of course, like with everything else, I’ve done research and have read tons on gluten-free and paleo diets. The long-term plan is to adapt all my favorite foods to a healthier version so I can still enjoy them, but for now, working on my Standard American Diet (SAD, I know;) is time-consuming enough so that is what I’ll focus on. I’ve found lots of great recipes online that I think will substitute for my usual American breakfast fare.

1. Coconut flour protein waffles by Maria Mind Body Health


2. Low-carb pancakes by Maria Mind Body Health


3. Brownie batter spread by Minimalist Baker


4. Paleo granola by Chocolate and Zucchini


5. Homemade coconut yogurt by Petite Kitchen


6. Quick paleo english muffins by Beauty and the Foodie


7. Gluten-free crepes by Give Recipe


8. Paleo egg souffle by Paleo Leap


9. The perfect hard boiled eggs by Design Mom


10. Garlic coconut flour bagels by Low Carb Yum


11. Homemade vegan mocha nutella by Oh She Glows


12. Low-carb and gluten-free cream cheese pancakes by I Breathe I’m Hungry


13. Paleo blueberry muffins by Elana’s Pantry


14. Paleo breakfast bread by Elana’s Pantry


15. Easy kale quiche by J. Kenji-Lopez Alt


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