Monday Musings: What is Sports(wo)manship to You?

So, I came across this article about a coach being suspended because his team won by a lot. Ok, ok, the score was 162-2. I didn’t grow up competing in sports and, let’s just say, I wasn’t a very active participant in gym class. After I read the article, I brought it up to my husband (who played in all kinds of sports because he enjoyed it and it kept him out of trouble).

J explained to me that the coach was suspended because it wasn’t ethical of him to do what he did. I asked if his team cheated (you got me…I just skimmed the article). He said no, but in the sports world, a coach should know better than to do what this coach did. Again, I asked if he cheated. He said no.

Hmmmm. I could not understand what he did wrong then. He tried to explain to me the rules of sports and how the coach should not have let the points get up so high. How it’s like that for professional sports, too and how the losing team was much more inferior than the winning team.

So it got me thinking. How does letting them lose by fewer points teach them about the real world? What lesson does it teach the winning team to “step down” their game? Maybe the bigger question to ask is, should the schools look at the teams competing and try to be more “fair” about it? See, here’s the thing I’ve learned about fairness: “A fair is where you go to get cotton candy.” Not sure where I read that quote from, but it’s ingrained in my brain.

I admit I’m not a sports fanatic. I mean, I enjoy watching basketball and tennis and I love watching the Olympics, but I’ve seen my share of “unfairness” and, yet, just like the theater, the games must go on.

What do you think about the situation? Enlighten me, please, because I’m still not sure I agree with this whole concept of sportsmanship in situations like this.  This whole situation brought to mind one of my favorite Marianne Williamson quotes (which I’ve previously used):

deepest fear

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