Lourdes Loves Lately

Surprisingly, the weather has warmed up a bit *prays it will stay 40F until spring. please, oh, please*. What are your weekend plans? Anyone else have a 3-day weekend? Going out of town? I usually do on long weekends, but planning to stay home this time. Here are some things I am grateful for. Have a good one!

1. Due in no small part to the awful weather (until now) and just because it’s that season, people around here had been dropping like flies with the flu. Doctors say it has been one of the worst virus strains in a long time. My local Whole Foods guy advised me to try these vitamins.


2. Lemons! Yes, I am so grateful for lemons! My grocer thinks me so crazy because I have been stockpiling them!


3. This book is so, so good. You.Must.Read.Now. Go. What are you waiting for?!?

th epower of habit

4. I have been drinking lots of tea lately. My favorite of these is passion and wild sweet orange, but I really want to love the green tea. Really, I do.


5. I don’t know about you, but I lose my gloves all the time. ALL.THE.TIME. So, now I use these cheapie gloves. No biggie if they are lost. Not that I like wasting money, but better to replace one dollar gloves than (much) more expensive ones. (On second thought, maybe I should just get mittens with the clip-ons.)


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