Delicious Green Smoothies

Green-Smoothie-Recipe-1via here

A couple of years ago, I bought a Vitamix. It has been used once. The end. Or, that’s where my Vitamix’s story would end if I did not recently decide to actually use it again.

You do not need to convince me of the healthy benefits of green smoothies. I was already so convinced that I bought a Vitamix! And some books on green smoothies. And some chia seeds. Aaaaaaand some protein powder (how long do those things last anyway?). You get the picture.

However, like with every other good habit I try to form, I am sloooow to adapt. Like, really slow. Like, so slow that it takes me years to use one of the best blending machines known to mankind slow.

Slow no mo’! I would like to get in the daily habit of using my Vitamix and make some super-delicious green smoothies. Is there such a thing? I guess time will tell. Please share if you have any green smoothie recipes you are addicted to.

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