Finding a Fitness Routine


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Not gonna lie, but if I had a choice between sleeping, surfing the internet, reading, watching paint dry, swallowing a chainsaw and working out….well, I would choose everything but working out. I’m not really sure why because when I work out, I always feel good afterwards (even if it’s painful).

I’m not a very disciplined person. I like instant gratification. It pains me to no avail having to wait for results. But, I know I have to change my mindset and consider the journey of being healthy instead of just “waiting to be skinny again.” This goes for everything in life. Cheesy as it is, it’s the journey that matters and not the destination. Of course it will feel awesome when I get to my ideal weight or *insert any goal here*, but I have to remember to relish in the experience, both bad and good. Otherwise, what’s the point of life?

So, I’ve come up with a plan that I believe will work for me for the long haul. It will include some things I’ve previously done already, like daily walks (bonus is I discover so much about my neighborhood that way), running, yoga and dancing. Just to mix things up, I’m going to try out some new things, like flywheel, the barre method, airlift, the Tracey Anderson Method, and anything else that may pop up. Hopefully, a few of them will stick. I am determined to make it a daily habit to fit in at least an hour of exercise.

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