Monday Musings: A Weighty Issue

weight loss

So, it’s safe to say I have lost and gained enough weight to equal many persons. I wasn’t always so body-mass index challenged. I was a tomboy growing up and enjoyed being active. I was actually more of a skinny-minny than anything else. Due to budgetary constraints, we never had any junk food in the house and rarely snacked. Save for the occasional birthday party, we didn’t drink soda, nor did we mindlessly munch on chips. Even in high school, when my culinary world was opened up by the wide-array of fast food places around and an “open-campus” lunch schedule, I still managed to stay skinny without having to do any kind of physical activity to offset my ever-expanding bad choices in food. I guess you could say, I had my cake and ate it too. Lots of it.

Then, some time in my mid-twenties, my metabolism slowed and the weight stayed on. I made some occasional half-hearted attempts at trying to lose the extra pounds. Like signing up for a gym that I paid for once a month and attended just as often, if not less than. And, of course, I tried all the fad diets, from cabbage soup (I think it’s called Sacred Heart nowadays?) to Atkins to the apple-cider vinegar diet. All the while, I just kept buying bigger and bigger sizes. It was a sick cycle and part of what led to my depression and anxiety attacks.

I don’t want to be in that place anymore. I want to be healthy and have more energy and feel and look good about myself. I realize this is a personal journey. I don’t have anyone to blame but myself for being as overweight as I am. And I am the only one who is going to be able to change the way I am. I accept this personal challenge. In fact, I welcome it with arms wide open because going through the process of losing weight and gaining health is sure to be a challenge I will learn from. I am looking forward to trying out new healthy recipes and  finding exercises that suit me and make me feel good. There won’t be an end to this journey because I know maintaining a healthy weight and daily exercise is a lifelong pursuit. That’s ok with me. I’ve got this.

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