15 Resolutions for 2015

A YEAR FROM NOW{via here}

I get that it may seem kind of lame to make resolutions. And all you true gym rats hate January 1st at the gym. I know I’ve made and broken my share of resolutions. But, you know what? Failure is part of the journey. I like making resolutions/goals/intentions or whatever you like to call them. It gives me something to strive for. It gives me hope. And so here is (some of) my list:

1. Do work I really love. Whether or not I am getting paid. Do something every day to make my passion my full-time career.

2. Finish the first book of a trilogy I have had in my head for so long now.

3. Create something (other than the book) that I can share with the universe that will showcase my passion.

4. Create a community that is positive, joyful, optimistic, creative, and ambitious.

5. Be fearless with my style.

6.  Make exercise a daily habit.

7. Plan and use a menu that is healthy and delicious.

8. Complete 30 days of Bikram yoga.

9. Complete Couch to 5K (again).

10. Create a daily meditation practice.

11. Make getting up early in the morning a habit. {Confession: I am nocturnal and like to stay up all night doing all of the things, making it hard for me to get up early.}

12. Give up some vices (soda is #1).

13. Follow through with the financial plans I have in store.

14. Organize my paperwork and photos.

15. Pursue new adventures: travel, cultural events, etc.

So, those are some things I intend to pursue in 2015. I have not written all of them here because some are really personal. As you can see, most of the goals relate to each other (work/health/personal development). What plans/resolutions/intentions/goals do you have this year? Whatever it is, remember to dream BIG and always pursue your passion. It will take time, but the time will pass anyway. Trust me, it is going to be worth the risk.

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