Hello, Two Thousand Fifteen

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Here it is friends! Page one of your new book. Your new year. What stories will you tell of 2015? What kind of year will it be? This is something I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks now. (Que the birthday post.)

What 2014 has taught me is that I need to focus on 2-3 things to really excel at anything. I admit it. I am guilty of dreaming huge and trying to accomplish ALL of the things at once, but not really doing anything. It’s like that saying, “Jack of all trades. Master of nothing.” I mean, it’s fine to dream big, but realize that the journey of a thousand steps starts with one. Part of this goes back to that time thing.

I remember when I was turning 25 I had an existential crisis of sorts and thought that my time was running out and I had to do EVERYTHING that year or my life would have no meaning and I may as well crawl in a hole and wait it out. And then I fell into a deep depression and was ridden with anxiety attacks. That was so not fun. I am glad to not be in that place anymore, but it took a lot of time to heal. (BTW, this was before they called it the quarter-life crisis and I finally realized that most people feel that way. However, at the time, I thought those feelings were abnormal and reserved for the middle-aged.) I want to give almost-25 year old me a HUGE hug and let her know that it was all going to be OK. Because, guess what? It is all OK.

I don’t want to relegate that time in my life to one paragraph, but it is not something I want to take a deep dive into right now. Right now, I want to focus on my present and my future. I am so excited for all the good 2015 will bring. I am sure there will also be some bad, but I can handle that. I’ve got this.

2015, bring it on! I am ready for you!

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