Happy Holidays

white tree

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I had the intention to put up a white Christmas tree my parents had in storage for many years. My parents have had many trees over the years. So many, my sister inherited a very large and beautiful green tree befitting her home. My other sister probably would have inherited one too, except she likes to put up a “real” tree. And by “real,” I mean real.

My idea was to have a white tree with lots of lights and white and gold ornaments. Then I went to Target with my sister and did not find said ornaments, so I changed my mind and decided to have a white tree with colorful ornaments. So I went home with my loot and then I opened the Christmas tree box to find said white tree was actually brown. Ewwww. WT_? My husband decided to throw it out and I had to tell my parents the bad news. My mom was sad even though they have not used the tree in decades (hence the “browning”).

My husband said we could get a new tree. (Although, if we had foraged through my parents’ stock, they probably would have had an extra one I could use. Not that they would let me considering I discarded the white/brown one.) Instead, I decided against it and so we will not be putting up a tree this year (#firstworldproblems, anyone?).

This got me thinking about what Christmas means to me and how I want to celebrate going forward and what traditions I want to continue/begin. I love Christmas decorations (hence the overabundance of holiday decor pics on my Instagram). Therefore, even if we discover that we have a tree not to our liking, we will be sure to get one (even if it is on Christmas Eve). However, I won’t be waiting so long to put up my decor. Going forward, I’ll be sure to put up my decorations right after Thanksgiving, which is what my parents typically do. After all, why not have more time to enjoy the decor? It’s not like I can have Christmas decor up year-round, or can I?

More importantly, Christmas is also a time of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I won’t go into depth about it, but I’ve had a hard time reconciling religion. I finally made my peace when I realized that religion is an ongoing dialogue and reflection and not as static as some see it, and something I will always be thinking/talking about. I’ve been fortunate to have friends and family who come from a diverse group of beliefs and non-beliefs. And what this has reminded me about Christmas is that it is also a time for family and friends. So instead of wallowing in the non-white Christmas tree I wouldn’t have this year, I want to rejoice in all of my blessings: past, present, and future. And, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May your holidays be filled with lots of laughter, merriment, and most importantly, love.

xox, Lourdes

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